My Garden Secret


Click the image to get the game.

This app exists for one reason and one reason alone.  To prank your friends.

Virtual Reality, even in it’s simplest form, is an immersive experience. Why not use that to put one over on your friends and get a good jump-scare out of them? Load this up into your Cardboard, tell ’em it’s much better with the headphones on, then watch your buddies jump right out of their socks.

Then have them suggest who you need to prank next!

Introducing Bushi-go’s very first VR App.  We are working with Cardboard and Samsung Gear first because we believe that is where the greatest market penetration is going to happen.  Every single person with a smartphone is going to be able to experience the wicked coolness of VR (and AR) games.  Out now for Android devices, iOS is on the way!


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