Mobile games are, by their very nature, quick and transient products.  Keeping a full-time staff is our ultimate goal, but for the first few projects we are working predominantly with contractors and freelancers to develop our games.

If you want to be a part of our exclusive stable of “go-to” guys and gals, be sure to send us your CV and portfolio link through our contact page. If you don’t see a link to their contact information below, feel free to drop us an email and we will pass your contact information along to them directly.

We *like* our contractors, they do good work.  If you want to hire them for a few projects of your own, we are delighted to recommend them (we just want them back in good order when you’re done, okay?)


bushigo gifProgramming

bushigo gifArt Services

  • Character Animator, Episodes 02-04 – Dionsio Shin
  • Character Animator, Episode 01 – Steve Devaney
  • Game Character Animator – Matthew Chin
  • Artist of all Trades – Kimberly Unger

bushigo gifMusic and Sound

bushigo gifLevel Design and Environments

  • Level Design, Act 01 -02 – Andrew Rohs
  • Level Design, Act 03-06 – Kimberly Unger
  • Level Design, Act 06-15 – Stephan Andrews

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